Download Silversands Casino Software FreeAs the software from Silversands Casino is of such a high standard and quality, it has always been highly recommended. This is of paramount importance as the quality of  the casino software always has a huge impact as far as the player experience is concerned. Equally important, is the round-the-clock availability of customer support.  These are key factors regarding the impeccable reputation that Silversands online casino has held over the years.

Silversands Casino has consistently proved its worth with players from all parts of the world coming to enjoy the experience and placing their bets in the casino, whether for real money or just to have fun.

A key element  in favour of the Silversands Online Casino software  is its robust security. It is totally bug-free and completely stable. If you decide to play with real cash, there are a variety of deposit options available to you, all of which again are completely secure. Silversands Casino also offers additional incentives to registered players while making deposits including coupons that accrue weekly as well as add-on deposit bonuses when registering.  And even if you choose to play just for fun, you will still have to pay the cashier a visit so that you can deposit funds, virtual of course!

Don’t forget to visit the FAQ section on the Silversands Casino website and software interface – a lot of the common questions which most folks have are already addressed there. Additionally, you will also benefit from game tutorials that have been setup specifically to help you gauge the game better.

Downloading the software and installing the casino on your computer is extremely easy and takes only a short time; within minutes you will be able to play, anytime you want, as long as you have an internet connection.

You can click on the image below to download Silversands Casino software or may be even simply click here to do so.

Click to download



The casino download will start automatically. If this does not happen, please click here.

For further information on the casino software download and registration process, watch the short video which shows exactly how simple it is to download the software, taking approximately four minutes.


Once you have downloaded the software, before you can begin to play, you also need to have your account for which you to register. Then when it comes to playing with real money, you will have to deposit funds with the Silversands Casino cashier.  All deposits are completely insured. And remember, you are completely free to play all games at Silversands Casino, simply for fun, without any monetary implications.

Below we have provided instructions on how you can download and install the software quickly.

Save file Casino Download








For this there is a “Casino Download” button that you need to click on.

When the ‘File Download’ box appears, click ‘Save’ to get to the next step.

Browse file







Simply save the file being downloaded to a particular location, perhaps the desktop.

Silversands Casino Software Interface








Once the download has been completed, you must browse to the location where the file has been saved  (such as your desktop).  Then double click the icon to begin the installation process. Any  warnings that occur during this process might well be false scares – for example, your Windows Firewall may indicate an error – all you need to do is  deactivate it. Likewise, if you see any virus alerts, it is advisable to turn off your antivirus software temporarily as the software is completely virus free.

As soon as  you are done with the casino installation, you can and turn these back on.

Create a new casino account






Once you are through with installation, you need to click on the Silversands Casino icon whereby it will ask you to create an account on the casino (unless you already have one). So go ahead, click on ‘Yes’ and provide the information as sought. Rest assured, all your information is safe and secure with the casino. At the end, simply choose ‘Create’ and your account will be created. Once created, you are free to ‘Login’ to your account – if you already have a Silversands Casino account from the beginning, you will choose to ‘Login’ from the get go.


Initially, it is advisable that you play for free. This will help you grasp the games on Silversands Casino well, before you actually commit to playing with real money. Remember it is even possible to top up your deposit on the casino by visiting the cashier for virtual funds.


Once you are sure you have had enough practice, you can increase the stakes easily by playing for real. The idea is to put in real money which will then allow you to win big…yes, with real money! Anytime you need to add funds to your account, just go to the cashier.